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Exclusive $49.95 risk-free trial of the Philips Airfryer

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If you don’t love cooking with your Airfryer, return it and keep the bonus gifts.

If you don’t love cooking with your Airfryer, return
it and keep the bonus gifts.

30-day risk free trial

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Healthy Frying Made Easy!

The Airfryer Bakes, Roasts, and Grills with little to no oil.

  • Just set the temperature, timer and walk away!

    30-minute timer with ready signal and auto shut-off. The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for your food up to 390°F.

  • Huge variety
    of quick & healthy meal options.

    With the Airfryer's speed and ease of use, quick and healthy meals can be prepared at any time of day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even snacks! Preheat the Airfryer in 3 minutes.

  • Dishwasher safe parts for quick and easy clean up.

    The removable nonstick coated drawer and food basket are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.

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  • FREE French fry cutter
  • $50 COUPON good at the Philips online store
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People love the Philips Airfryer

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"Never deep frying again"

"I have fried fresh chicken wings, fresh shrimp, fresh french fries and frozen fries along with a host of other frozen appetizers."


"Awesome product"

"I had some aggressive recipe ideas and it is workings like a charm. No hot oil mess or handling, awesome and healthier."


"The best product so far!"

"My wife made French fries with both regular potatoes and pre-cut potatoes from the store. Both turned out golden and tasty."


"Great food without the oil"

"With the Philips Airfryer, you can get food that has the texture, has the look, has the taste of fried food — without the oil."


"Taste the improvement"

"It's not just that you know it's healthier for you, when you cook in the Airfryer, you can physically taste the improvement."


"The easiest device you will ever use"

"No more pots, no more pans, the Airfryer is easiest device you will ever use."


Philips Patented Rapid Air Technology Our most delicious innovation yet!

The Philips Airfryer uses the Philips Patented Rapid Air Technology to cook food crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Circulating hot air with speed and precision, the Philips Airfryer fries, bakes, roasts and grills faster with perfect results. The innovative starfish design cooks food evenly, locking in the flavor, ensuring optimal heat distribution, and cooking healthier without giving up the taste of your favorite foods - a truly efficient, low-fat fryer.

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Healthy frying with less oil

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